Germany native, Netherlands based songwriter, vocalist and composer Beatrice Betley has just delivered her Vocal Jazz album UPSIDE DOWN released by Not A Fox Records.


With UPSIDE DOWN Beatrice Betley proposes an album that transcends the genres of Jazz R&B Funk and Pop.

Responsible for all the albums music and lyrics Beatrice has created a unique style of her own. Her vocals are purposefully kept authentic and not overproduced. The track “Lullaby “ has just received a W.A.M. nomination as best song in the category Adult Contemporary. The entire album is tied together not only by her voice but also by the recognizable sound of a sax and drum arrangements that are often based on syncopated poly rhythms.

UPSIDE DOWN was mastered and produced by Californian based Gary Gray.

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Listen to her album Upside Down below or on Spotify

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