Behind the Scenes

Hello and thank you for wanting to connect with me!

I do not know about you, but I hate receiving weekly, standardised newsletter with basically nothing interesting to say. So I have decided to go another route:

I want share with you my feelings and thoughts behind my music. This means acces to my lyrics, what inspired me to write a song, my creative processes and so on. Not on a regular basis but only if I have something worthwhile to share.

If you sign up to my behind-the-scenes blog you will get an exclusive login code to read my post. An a reminder per mail if I have posted something new. Even if you missed a mail you have access to all previous posts with your access code. I might ask your help from time to time, perhaps on which cover picture to choose or if you have a suggestion for a playlist you think my music should be featured on.

If you want to be part of my journey, sign up here and you will get your access code.



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