Covid-19 has a big impact on all of us – also my album! I have re-written some songs, am considering not to put one track on the album (track nr 1: GONE – verdict still outstanding) and was inspired to write a new one: SUNSHINE

I saw the images on television of people in full lockdown – still embracing life by singing to eavh other and making music with all they had at hand on their balconies and in their homes. Now the I write this is for the first time in 8 weeks (!!) that people in Italy are allowed to enter the parks and start turning back to a life we all considered normal before. But still with restrictions. Please take care – also in the future. Even if the worst is over – there is no cure. We are not immune. More civilisations in history have been brought down by a virus then by a sword (just think of the entire Americas – without the simple flu the “conquistadores” would have have had no chance).

So here just for you as a pre-view: the lyrics!

Stay safe and have a lot of


A little sunshine
In the morning
Makes the world a brighter day
And all the clouds that
Were in my heart
Have no more reason to stay

I think of you
And none other
And hope the sun smiles at you too

All this time
Not with each other
There is nothing that we could do

This bit of sunshine
Through my window
Makes me feel oh so good
Lets me forget all
All my sorrow
Because I know you understood

I couldn’t come
Although I wanted
To be much closer to you

Give me more sunshine
Every morning
Because I know you see it too
Bright sunlight
In the morning
Make me feel right next to you

I can see your face
Across the street
That is the only way we can meet

The little sunshine
In the morning
Reminds me of the freedom we had
But life
Is oh so fragile
And I want much more of that

A little sunshine
In the morning
Makes the world a brighter day

A little sunshine
In the morning
And the day is on its way

A little sunshine
In the morning
I know we will be okay

A little sunshine
Just some sunshine
A little sun