My husband and I where one evening watching a documentary on the BBC – more by accident then anything else – on the high suicide rate among men in the United Kingdom. Suicide is the nr. 1 killer amongst men between the ages of 20 and 50. More than drugs/ car accidents or cancer. It was mentioned the main reason for men killing themselves a lot more often than women was, that they are afraid to reach out and ask for help. Because if they are struggling with something (like per example loosing a job or having a divorce/ break-up) they consider themselves as a failure. And reaching out meant publicly stating the they are a failure. But no one sees them as that. Not their parents, friends or partners. So – I wrote a song from the perspective of a good friend who has lost a longtime friend to suicide. Telling them they would have been there for them. I know this is a bit of a tabu subject – but by ignoring it – it doesn’t go away.

Keep safe!