Beatrice Betley Piano

I have been writing lyrics since about 10 years. And I have been singing since before I could walk. So why did I decide only now to write and record my first album?

When scary things happen you know how much they mean to you.

About three years ago I met up with one of my best friends. I have known her since we were about ten years old but we had not seen each other for some years. She took one look at me and asked “When did you last have your thyroid tested?”

Thyroid issues run in my family. And in hers. As a matter of fact my friend had hers removed when she was about thirty. “I don’t know” I replied “10 years ago?” – “Do you have any idea how big your left thyroid is?” Of course I hadn’t.

So I went to my doctor who made appointments with some specialists to check it out. I am not going to bore you with what the thyroid gland is and does (look it up if you are interested) but it is a small gland, shaped and about as big as a butterfly just above your trachea.

At least it is supposed to be. My left side went from almost underneath my left ear all the way across my left side of the neck. So I had an appointment with a surgeon. I I knew of the potential risks.

When my brother and I were 3 and 5 years old my mother had a thyroid operation and lost her voice for three weeks – not that  we took advantage of the situation 😉 She got her voice back at he end, but it could have been differently. So the first thing I said to the surgeon was :  ”I sing.” 

And I swore to myself that if I get out of this without my vocal chords damaged I will take my musical career up a level, finally write my own songs and record the album.

So here I am.

Thank you for being on this exciting journey with me!