Beatrice Betley Jazz Singer

Thank you so much of going onto this adventure with me!

Let me tell you a it more about me. I am German although I spent my childhood growing up in The Netherlands and later studied in Italy, too. Music is my third career – although it was my first love, you could say.

I have been singing for as long as I can remember and started playing the guitar in my teens to have an instrument to accompany my voice. Much later, because I started to write and produce music, I picked up playing piano, too. From my early childhood on I was exposed to different styles of music. This was partly to do because I grew up in a different country then where I was born which resulted in a real curiosity to everything different and new, but also also encouraged by her father, who, from his various business trips abroad, always brought back albums of those countries most famous musicians of the time – a tradition I still continued now.

Rather then in one genre, I see my musical roots in Jazz, 80ties Pop, Argentinian Folk and the passionate sounds of Flamenco and Fado.

I just love music that is passionate and touches my heart. And I hope my music will do the same for you!