Beatrice Betley

JazzVocalist - Songwriter - Producer


Beatrice Betley is a Vocalist, Songwriter and Composer from Hamburg – Germany, currently living and working in The Hague – The Netherlands.

Beatrice has been singing since before she could walk and learned to play the recorder, guitar and – more recently – the piano. Rather then focus on one genre, Beatrice sees her musical roots in Jazz of the first half of the 20th century, 80ties Pop, Argentinian Folk and the passionate sounds of Flamenco and Fado.

After years of singing Jazz Classics, Beatrice is currently recording her debut album “Upside / Down” which is planned to be released the second half of 2019.

She has worked with Vocal Coaches Mark Drost, Sanna van Vliet and currently Nicole Jordan.

Beatrice describes her music as CrossOver Jazz drawing on strong vocals, traditional Jazz Instrumentals and introducing some modern sounds of EDM.


Cry me a River

Stormy Weather

Worrisome Heart

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